Video Presentation

Beginnings play an important role in any successful venture. Getting your week off to a good start will benefit you both physically and spiritually. At Chabad we start our week with a dose of inspiration that empowers us to face the world with a completely different view.

Every Motzei Shabbat we join shuls worldwide, watching a 15 minute video presentation called ‘Living Torah’. Shown with a high-tech projector on a large projector screen this presentation is a compilation of various selected Talks, Farbrengens and Personal Encounters with the Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Shneersohn.

The video is divided into four sections:

1. A talk given by the Rebbe during a Farbrengen (Chassidic gathering).
2. Timeless Moments: An insight into the daily life of the Rebbe.
3. Eye-To-Eye: A video showing personal meetings with the Rebbe.
4. My Encounter: Individual accounts of people’s relationship with the Rebbe

The clarity and depth of the Rebbe’s vision will catch even the most hesitant of viewers. We are sure this experience will enhance your approach to daily life and hope you will be able to apply these lessons.

The video is shown every Motzei Shabbat after Ma’ariv. Please check our homepage for when Shabbat goes out this week.

We look forward to seeing you there!