Rabbi Hillel Simon

Rabbi Hillel Simon gives the Wednesday evening Mens Tanya class.

Born in West Lafayette Indiana, USA, Rabbi Hillel Simon received ordination and kabbala for Shechita (Ritual Slughtering) from Rabbi Yeruslavski of Kiryat Malachi, and ordination for Rabbanut and Dayanut from Rabbi Yisroel Piekarski o.b.m. of New York.

Rabbi Simon spent two years in advanced Rabbinic studies and outreach with Lubavitch of Leeds. He later served as Rabbi to the Bristol Hebrew Congregation and NJCB Chaplain to campuses in the west of England and Wales. He joined the Kashrut division while assisting the Hadley Wood and Saatchi communities and now resides with his family in Finchley.

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Email: hsimon@kosher.org.uk