Shalom! Chabad House of Hendon opened its doors to the public in October 2004, as a centre for all Jews regardless of background or belief.

Since that time, thank G-d, it has become one of the most exciting, dynamic Jewish centres in London hundreds of people passing through it’s doors on a weekly basis finding friendship, warmth and inspiration. Our warm and inviting shul attracts around 100 people every shabbat from all sorts of backgrounds.

Conveniently situated at the corner of Brent Street and Bell Lane, the 2,500-square-foot premises comprises offices, a relaxation lounge, discussion rooms, a library and a multi-purpose hall for Friday-night dinners and speaker events.

If you ask people who come here ‘what makes Chabad House so special’ they’ll tell you things such as: “Chabad has an amazingly warm feel to it,” or “I can be who I am at Chabad without looking over my shoulder” or “no-one judges you at Chabad – you are accepted for who you are”. In essence Chabad is a place where everyone can come without feeling pre-judged. Our classes are always thought provoking and inspiring but never pushy or patronising; our social events are fun but full of spiritual content. And our hearts are warm and open to all our fellow Jewish brothers and sisters.

So Whether you consider yourself ‘religious’, ‘traditional’ or ‘secular’ at Chabad you’re welcome!

We look forward to welcoming you personally at our classes, services or events and to sharing with you some of the ‘pure inspiration’ that has become the byword of Chabad.

Rabbi Gershon & Esther Mindel Overlander

Some Pictures of the Chabad House

Reference Library

The Shul

Function Room